At the start of our longhorn journey in 2017, one of our longhorn mentors presented us with the question: “What is the most important thing you need to know when going somewhere?” He said the correct answer is: "to know where you are starting."

We have been blessed to start our longhorn business on a solid foundation of outstanding genetics. From this foundation, our goal is to produce big, deep bodied, colorful, longhorns with lateral, rolling twist.

Along our journey, we have learned that like longhorns themselves, the longhorn community is unique. A community of breeders willing to share their years of knowledge and experience to help new breeders, like us, to become established. We have traveled to futurities and sales, visited ranches, spent countless hours talking longhorns and learning about the breed, but, most of all, making lifelong friends.

We are not a volume breeding program; instead, we are a small, select breeder of these amazing animals. Whether you have a passion for longhorns, or just curiosity about the breed, we welcome you. Come by and see a touch of Texas in the Heart of Alabama. Let us show you around our pastures, enjoy a meal together and share our passion for the longhorn breed!

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